Fort Worth HIV Testing Center

How do I know my HIV status?

The only way to know your HIV status is to be tested. We provide FREE rapid HIV testing as well as testing for syphilis. Walk-ins welcomed.


1717 South Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76110

What is Rapid Connect?

Rapid Connect offers free rapid HIV testing and assists newly diagnosed individuals with access to primary care services. While our specific focus is to expand access to HIV testing for gay men in Tarrant County, we offer free testing for anyone needing it.

We use the INSTI 1-minute rapid HIV test for a majority of our testing. The test provides results in 1 minute and only required a finger stick. A confirmatory test is conducted on anyone testing positive. The test is greater than 99% accurate. In addition to HIV, you can receive a free syphilis testing at Rapid Connect as well. Syphilis tests require a blood draw and results are available in a week.